Magnetic Levitation in the News

Magnetic Levitation With Arduino
We’ve seen magnetic levitation here before, and this project adds to the list of successful techniques to accomplish this difficult project. continued..
Magnetic Levitation and 3D Bioprinting Market Share 2022: Trends, Growth, Size, Opportunity Assessment by Forecast to 2028
Sep 06, 2022 (The Expresswire) -- Global Magnetic Levitation and 3D Bioprinting Market Analysis and Outlook: The "Magnetic Levitation and 3D Bioprinting Market" 2022-2028 Report involve deep ... continued..
South Baltimore neighborhoods are divided on support for controversial Maglev project
Westport neighborhood groups remain strongly opposed to a high-speed maglev train that would cut through their community’s undeveloped waterfront, despite new support for the controversial project ... continued..
Watch: Experiment sees Chinese car ‘floating’ off ground at 230 kmph speed
Making use of magnetic levitation technology, researchers put eight modified cars to the speed test. The future of high-speed cars may be off the ground but not exactly up in the skies. Magnetic ... continued..
Magnetic levitation: Maglev car tests reach 140mph
Why it matters: When people discuss maglev technology, it usually concerns train systems where it is known for allowing incredible speeds. Recent tests have explored the potential advantages ... continued..
ASX Tech Stocks: China just used maglev tech to levitate a 2.8 tonne car on a highway
Maglev – or magnetic levitation – was just used to float a 2.8-tonne car 35 millimetres above the road on highway in China. continued..
China Tests A Flying Car That Hovers Using Tech From Maglev Trains
In the test, the development vehicles reached nearly 143 miles per hour. Chinese scientists built a flying car if you count 1.378 inches (35 millimeters) as flight. It's actually an experiment in ... continued..
Arduino powers a magnetic levitating lamp
Fancy making a cool looking magnetic levitating lamp? Check out this Arduino Nano-based project that combines a magnet and LEDs. What’s that you say? The lamp is not levitating, it’s being held up? continued..
Levitation Floating Globe Magnetic Levitating
My daughter loved this bag and couldn’t wait to use it. She used it one time and it ripped on both sides at the top. Of course it is 6 days after the return window. Disappointing. The wording ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation Floating Rotating 3in
I fell in love with this beautiful chair at first site! The brilliant yellow was the perfect color I was hoping and looking for. I love it! It’s sturdy and comfortable. continued..
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