Magnetic Levitation in the News

Building A Magnetic Levitating Quadcopter
From the patent, we’re able to glean a few details of how this hoverboard/magnetic levitation device works, and in our post on the initial coverage, we said we’d be giving away some goodies to ... continued..
Magnetic levitation breakthrough unlocks gravity-free technology
Magnetic levitation technology takes an innovative leap forward with researchers at the Quantum Machines Unit of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) pushing the boundaries of ... continued..
Building A Levitating Turbine Desk Toy
Magnetic levitation is a beautiful thing to watch. Seeing small objects wobble about while seemingly hovering in thin air never gets old. If you want something suitably distracting in this vein ... continued..
The 5 Fastest Bullet Trains in the World
Newsweek has summarized the five highest-speed trains in the world amid an upsurge in interest in the technology in the U.S. continued..
GM dreams up magnetic levitating seats
General Motors is looking to patent a magnetic levitation system that would replace conventional seat adjusters. As described in a patent application filed by GM with the United States Patent and ... continued..
NASA wants to build a railroad on the Moon
NASA aims to set up a long-term human presence on the Moon, but maintaining a habitat on the surface will require some innovative infrastructure. To one day transport cargo across the dusty, cratered ... continued..
NASA is Making Super Cheap and Light Magnetic Levitation for Moon Bases
The moon has one-sixth the gravity of the earth so magnetic levitation can use 35 times less power to do the same work. NASA will leverage this to make thin sheets that can rolled out to make lunar ... continued..
Magnetic levitation demonstrated using a Dremel tool spinning a magnet at 266 Hz. (VIDEO)
Magnetic levitation demonstrated using a Dremel tool spinning a magnet at 266 Hz. The rotor magnet is 7x7x7 mm3 and the floater magnet is 6x6x6 mm3. This video show the physics described in the ... continued..
NASA details plan to build a levitating robot train on the moon
FLOAT will consist of magnetic robots levitating over a three-layer film track to reduce abrasion from dust on the lunar surface. Carts will be mounted on these robots and will move at roughly 1 ... continued..
NASA’s Bold Plan to Build the First Railway on the Moon
To one day transport cargo across the dusty, cratered landscape, NASA is considering a magnetic levitation railway system. NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program recently announced ... continued..
Tishman Speyer Opts Out of L.A. Office Project
The project has been in the works for seven years. The small group of industrial buildings at the site was once the home of the startup Hyperloop One, the high-speed magnetic levitation train ... continued..
NZXT Announces New and Updated PC Components at Computex 2024
NZXT has announced new PC components with one being an updated version of a popular case. H7 Flow case update offers improved performance options like larger radiator support and a 10-fan capacity for ... continued..

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