Magnetic Levitation in the News

Hovering Questions About Magnetic Levitation
We tried to position one magnet over another by pitting their repellent forces against each other but [K&J Magnetics] explains why this will never work and how levitation can be done with ... continued..
The Meissner Effect: Magnetic Levitation Using a Superconductor
Be sure to perform this experiment in a well ventilated area. Below the critical temperature, superconductors are diamagnetic, which means they strongly repel magnetic fields and do not allow magnetic ... continued..
Building A Levitating Turbine Desk Toy
Magnetic levitation is a beautiful thing to watch. Seeing small objects wobble about while seemingly hovering in thin air never gets old. If you want something suitably distracting in this vein ... continued..
Engineers create Terminator-like robot that can turn into liquid, regain shape
It features a unique design, comprised of interconnected modules of magnetic levitation and soft actuators, enabling it to move in any direction and reshape itself with impressive flexibility. It can ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation Blowers Market Size and Outlook 2023 | by Regional Analysis, Application Potential, Trends, Competitive Market and Forecast 2028
Global “Magnetic Levitation Blowers Market” 2023 research report presents the market overview, market dynamics, segmentation (type, application, end user and region), latest developments, driving ... continued..
How to Build an Electromagnetic Levitation Device
"Do not levitate the spoon; that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth. There is no spoon." - para. The Matrix (1999) But what if there is a spoon? Or some other object. You can't just ... continued..
China successfully tests ultra-high-speed maglev trains
CHINA has successfully carried out a systematic test on a cutting-edge transportation system involving an ultra-high-speed maglev (magnetic levitation) train running in a ... continued..
Watch: Magnetic Levitation Lifts 105-Pound Quadcopter
There are currently only four operating systems in the world that rely on magnetic levitation. Two of the trains operate in China, the others are located in Japan and South Korea. A video from ... continued..
Smarter Railroad Tracks Are Boosting Train Safety And Efficiency
Train- and rail equipment maker Alstom says it’s installing new-generation digital circuits that send data through rails to help operators better track and maintain the movement of freight and ... continued..
Railway Interior Lighting Market Worth US$ 364.1 million by year 2033 - Exclusive Report by Future Market Insights, Inc.
Increasing Rail Networks Globally Are Creating Potential Market Opportunities for Railway Interior Lighting: FMI Report. The Railway Interior Lighting Market in North America is estimated to be ... continued..

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